For the last  2,000 years, Reishi mushrooms have kept people healthy and increased their longevity well into their golden years. These mushrooms are called the super food medicinal of the fungi world in china and according to some herbalists, red Reishi mushrooms can cure many of the issues we associate with:     Aging, high blood pressure, arthritis, [...]


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A News worthy story reported by NBC reporter, Cynthia Mc Fadden.  Burton High, a middle school in the Francisco Area was struggling academically to stay afloat, as violence was spiraling out of control  causing most students to lose  focus on their studies and daily attendance. The district desperately looking for an answer came up with an old pioneering [...]


Finding a workout to suite your lifestyle

by Silvio Bianculli on February 28, 2017


 What to consider when looking for a workout that is perfect for you! Your needs and goals are unique to you. That’s before we even talk about how each persons own health and fitness history effects how they will react to workouts. There are 3 easy factors to consider when finding the best workout for [...]


Does Mindfulness Play a Role in Exercise and Weight Loss?

by Silvio Bianculli on February 21, 2015

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In a recent article published on February 18,  2015 in the New York Times, by Gretchen Reynolds. The article describes the relationship between mindfulness, weight loss and compliance with exercise.  In recent years, scientists have found associations between mindfulness and physical health, especially  in  weight control and weight loss with people who are mindful during meals [...]


The Top Strategy to Reduce Health Care Cost

by Silvio Bianculli on December 9, 2014

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“Click on the Graph to the left to enlarge and see the survey” By Drew Altman president and chief executive officer of the Kaiser Family Foundation. It shows that employees across the country (about 80 percent) really enjoy the wellness idea in the workplace. It also says that when the company requires that the employee pay [...]